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About Me
My name is Rob, and I’m a graphic designer in my mid-thirties, living in Kitchener, Ontario. That’s Canada, for all of you who are less geographically inclined. I’m married to Melodie and we have two children; Connor is almost two and Elizabeth was just born at the end of April, 2008. So – life is a bit busy for us, as you can imagine. Melodie and I have been married for nearly eight years, though we met nearly fourteen years ago. Time certainly does fly.

My Interests and Activities
I’m not as active as I should be, at least physically. But what I lack in outdoor activities I make up for in video games, board games and role playing games! But I suppose that really doesn’t work. I’m involved in a podcast called “The Accidental Survivors”, a podcast centered on discussions on modern-themed tabletop role playing games. I host along with my friends Fraser, Chris, Charles and David. We have a solid listener base of somewhere around five hundred, which isn’t too shabby if you ask me.
Additionally, as much as my wife may not believe me, I enjoy working around the house. We’ve just recently had carpet installed in our basement which brings us closer to the end of a four year renovation project. Some painting, a couple of doors installed, and then we take a break until the spring. I hope.

Where I’m Going
Do any of us know that?

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