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Catching Up

August 13, 2010

It’s been a long time since I entered anything into this blog, and it’s not for lack of things going on. There’s something coming up, in fact, that’s got me wanting to post something about it. In a week’s time, I’m going to be travelling to London, Ontario for a weekend of gaming at ColinCon. It’s not really a game convention, more like a weekend get-together. Dice will be rolled, beer will be consumed. That’s pretty much it.

Here’s some of the stuff that’s going to be happening at ColinCon;

Sword Noir

My friend Fraser Ronald from over at Sword’s Edge Publishing is going to be play-testing his new RPG system, Sword Noir. I’ve tested Fraser’s games in the past, most notably his game, Chosun (I probably got the spelling wrong), a game set in medieval Korea. We played this at GenCon 2008 with some of the guys from Fistful of Comics and Games. As I’ve seen Fraser do before, he once again confused us with the names he had given to the NPCs and environs, which to our ears, started all sounding the same. In our gaming group’s premiere D&D game with Fraser, set in the City of Brass, we often didn’t know who people were, who we were working for, where we were or what we were supposed to be doing. Because of that, we often had our characters spend hours staring at silk merchants, or answering difficult questions.

Oddly-Named NPC: “What happened?”

PC: “Um. Don’t know. Shit blew up.”

My hope is that Fraser will dial the period-accurate names back from 11 and set them at about an 8. Aside from that, what I’ve seen of his development notes for Sword Noir, it should be an interesting game.

Lots of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

The host, Colin, and myself will both be running D&D 4e games. I’ll be running Keep on the Shadowfell, an entry-level adventure which was the first published module put out by Wizards of the Coast when 4e was made available. I’ll be pulling out all the stops, using maps, miniatures and hand-outs. My hope is that it will only make the game that much better. Colin is going to be running an Epic-level adventure of some sort, so we’ll get to see what the system is like at both ends of the Level Spectrum.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 3rd Edition

We can’t have the third host of the Accidental Survivors Podcast at ColinCon and not expect to see something to do with Warhammer, his Game to End All Games. Chris is going to be putting us through what is expected to be a no-win situation that’s going to feel like a horror movie. My guess is that there will be lots of zombies, and something to do with Nurgle or Slaanesh.

…And More

At GenCon ‘08, Colin, Fraser and I recorded a commentary track for “13th Warrior”. We plan on doing something similar at ColinCon, most likely a track for “Dog Soldiers”. I’m hoping to set up a better audio system with multiple microphones and headsets so we don’t need to worry about hearing the movie in the background of the audio commentary track.

There will also be many litres of beer consumed, and perhaps an impromptu episode of the Accidental Survivors will ACTUALLY be recorded!

Stay tuned!

One Comment
  1. This time, the pre-gens have no names! So there!

    The NPCs, though . . . aye, there’s the rub.

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