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F U, Tim Hortons!

April 9, 2010

Roll this up your rim, large double-double!

I’ve had it!

For the last several years, I’ve been a pretty loyal drinker of Tim Hortons coffee. On a road / camping trip to the Maritimes, my wife and I found ourselves timing our stops along the way to where the roadside Timmy’s were. i recently cut back my visits to Hortons recently, just because of cash flow. However, when Roll Up The Rim started, I ramped my trips back up again.

I haven’t really been keeping close track of my coffee purchases since Roll Up The Rim started, but I’ll guess that I’ve had somewhere in the neighbourhood of two dozen coffees. Now, let’s compare that to the number of items I have won on those coffees.


Purchases = 24.

Wins = 0.

Aren’t the odds supposed to be 1 in 9? Is my luck so bad that I can’t even win 2 in 18? That’s abysmal.

Either that, or the 1 in 9 odds are bull.

F-U, Tim Hortons. I’m going to Coffee Time from now on.

Well, maybe one more Breakfast Sausage Sandwich combo… and then I’m done!



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  1. David S. Gallant permalink

    I have noticed the same. I have purchased at least one coffee a day since the contest started and have only one a single donut. I typically clear a Roll Up The Rim season with at least three free coffees or donuts.

    Definitely seem to be less winners this year.

  2. I too have done an 0-for streak. Maybe only a dozen in total this year, but this is extending into year 3 now 😦

  3. Melodie permalink

    Ha Ha – I won a donut this morning! But, I know what you mean. I have one one coffee, but with all the coffee we drink, we should have that SUV by now….

    • accidentalrob permalink

      I’m going to steal your free donut tonight after we get home. Don’t try to stop me. Resistance is futile.

  4. Chris Burnett permalink

    Same here. I generally am a 2 a day person. So far I have one coffee and 2 donoughts. Which is less than half of what my usual winnings are in this amount of time. And Rob, you can have my donoughts, I don’t eat them…

  5. David Larmour permalink

    I stopped drinking Tim Horton’s coffee a while ago as the local concession at work was constantly mobbed, and i didn’t feel like getting yelled at by servers over the crush. When I did drink the coffee, I just didn’t like it: quality varied from utter swill to semi-ok (if masked with enough sugar).

    Nice pic!

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