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Yes, it’s cold. It’s October, Ontario. Get used to it.

October 19, 2009
Or… “Holy Crap a Blog Post”

I’m not going to mention the fact that I’ve not posted anything since April or something like that. I’m not going to talk about it one bit. I’m going to go straight into a rant.

I live in Ontario, Canada. So do most of the other people who live here. Most of us have lived here for a significant portion of their lives. Like me, for instance – I’ve lived here since I was born.

Ontario has, to the best of my knowledge, experienced similar temperature shifts from season to season for at least one hundred years. Maybe longer. In the spring and summer, temperatures are warm. In the fall and winter, things get chilly. Downright cold, even.

One would think that people would have learned this by now, especially after living in this province for thirty to forty years.

I am sick to death of people complaining about the weather. As October sets in, people start to bitch and moan. “Ooooh, it’s cold. Oh, when is it going to get warmer? I can’t believe how freezing it is!”

Meanwhile, they’re wearing jeans, a thin little t-shirt and an equally thin sweater. To combat the colder temperatures (in their home, or in their workplace for instance), they simply pump the heat to tropical levels. I personally have seen thermostats recently set to 81 degrees Fahrenheit (about 28 degrees Celsius). Have these people not heard of energy conservation? But hey, at least they look fashionable, right?

In Other News

I recently began thinking about creating an adventure series based on a (very) short lived Pulp Era campaign I tried running a couple of years ago. Players take on the roles of Pulp heroes and hunt down items and locations of myth and legend. I’ve thought about such goals as finding the broken set of stone tablets that Moses broke after receiving them from God, the legendary city of Shamballah, searching out Tarzan, or even Atlantis. We’ll see how it goes. If it does go somewhere, perhaps my good friends at Sword’s Edge Publishing will put it out under their name.

We’ll see!


  1. Oh, I think SEP would be MORE than pleased to slap the name on anything you can produce. Well, almost anything. We draw the line a poop on a stick. Poop in a package on the other hand . . .

  2. David permalink

    /couriers poop-covered stick to Orion Publishing instead.

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