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Important Lessons

December 8, 2008

This weekend was filled with semi-progress on various projects, and I learned some important lessons, which I plan on sharing with you here.

First off, however, is that Melodie and I managed to get out for an evening without the kids. This is a first since Elizabeth was born and it felt both exhilarating and wrong. I will confess, though… the first time we managed to get out after Connor was born, we spent the first ten minutes in the car checking the back seat, wondering where he was. This time, we ran out the front door, peeled rubber out of the driveway and never looked back. If I had “Bat Out of Hell” on CD, I would have been blaring it out of the car speakers with the windows rolled down, shrieking like a banshee as we headed down Victoria, tearing up the road faster than any other boy has ever gone. Unfortunately our evening out was cut short by our babysitter calling at about 11pm, the first thing I hear when I answer the phone being my seven month old daughter screaming into my ears. Lesson number one; Make the most of every free moment you have without your kids.

Saturday, as usual, was Sportball. It’s basically a bunch of toddlers running around not listening to what they’re supposed to be doing. I try hard to not get frustrated when Connor doesn’t follow the instructions on how to bump a volleyball, putt a ball or shoot a puck. It always seems to me that every other kid is channeling Darcy Tucker or Tiger Woods except mine, who is running around in circles, foaming at the mouth and yelling at the top of his lungs. What is interesting, though, is that a week later at home he’ll suddenly do something he was shown how to do in Sportball – he successfully aced a serve while playing volleyball against me in the basement. The little bugger beat me 15-4. Lesson number two; Don’t assume they’re not hearing what you’re saying.

While Connor and Elizabeth slept, I began the tedious chore of hanging closet doors in the basement. It’s actually fairly simple if you follow the  instructions. I was nearly finished the first door by the time Connor woke up and decided he wanted to “help”. This entailed banging on the door with the tip of a Robertson screwdriver, scribbling pencil on the door frame, running off with a drill bit and asking me what every single piece of hardware was, four separate times. Important lesson number three; two year olds do not make efficient contractors.

That afternoon we braved the lousy roads and went out to get our Christmas tree. While the drive to the tree farm was sketchy, we had a great time once we got there. The snow let off and it was actually pretty mild for this time of year. While Connor rode in a sleigh and Elizabeth rode inside Melodie’s coat (with just her face sticking out – it was so cute), we hunted for a Christmas tree – march, march, look, look. If the weather had been worse we would have just cut down whichever one was nearest the car (which could have ended up being a fence post), but the calm weather allowed us to spend some time searching. Eventually we found the most beautiful tree we’d ever found, cut it down and slapped it on the roof of the Golf like a dead deer. Fastening it down with bungee cords, we learned lesson number four; Don’t fasten bungee cords to the front doors of your car before you get in. We attached the cords to the top of the windows on the front and back doors and then realized there was no way for us to actually get into the car.

Sunday was visiting Santa at the mall and putting up more closet doors in the basement (who’s idea was it to have so many closet doors? One’s fine… two’s enough… but three?). After dinner I rocked Elizabeth to sleep while Melodie and Connor baked my birthday cake (they’re decorating it today – should be interesting). Once Connor and Elizabeth were both snug in bed, we collapsed on the couch and I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about it. It was a good weekend.


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  1. Melodie permalink

    All I can say about the decorating is this….
    one chocolate cake + lots of star sprinkles + one two year old = a very messy, sprinkles everywhere but absolutely fun filled afternoon!

  2. accidentalrob permalink

    Hooray! I can hardly wait to get home!

  3. The only time we’ve been out together without Christina was to a wedding last summer. We got until 8:30 PM before we got the call.

    It gets easier with two. Right?



  4. Melodie permalink

    Uh….yes……yes, it does….

    I’m not lying…..much….


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