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Far Cry 2 Ain’t All That Bad

December 2, 2008
No, I dont have this sniper rifle... YET.

No, I don't have this sniper rifle... YET.

I wish I had the forethought to get a screencap or a vidcap of my Far Cry 2 game yesterday afternoon, but here’s how the shizzle when down;

I had picked up a mission at a cell tower to go and whack some dudes who were patrolling around an airfield in an SUV. Why? I don’t know. I’m not paid to ask these sorts of questions, I just do it.

So, I barreled in there in a jeep and got capped by a sniper in a watch tower next to the airstrip. F9 is my best friend in Far Cry 2, so I tried again. This time I crept along a line of hills to the south, took control of a safe house and had a snooze. The safe house was right on the leading edge of a creek leading into the airfield, so I used the low-lying creek bed to approach the watch tower. Once within sprinting distance, I ran across an open field, juking to avoid sniper fire. I ran up the watch tower and slashed the sniper with my
machete, then picked up his rifle and his Mac-10. It’s also key to note that in my possession was a rocket launcher.

While my target circled the airfield in his SUV and bracketed by two jeeps, I noticed a third jeep patrolling the airstrip. With the sniper rifle I took out the gunner, and then waited for the driver to get out before taking him down as well. As I waited, the target drove past the airstrip, a pile of large rocks between myself and him.

Racing down to the ground, I took up a position in the rocks with my rocket launcher and waited for their next trip around. I left my own jeep nearby for a quick getaway. The first jeep passed my hiding place, and I fired the rocket into the front of the SUV. It exploded, and the front of the SUV lifted up, flipped over, and the SUV dropped on it’s roof on top of the trailing jeep, which then also exploded. One rocket took out two vehicles and five enemies. I had no time to rejoice, however, as the leading jeep had my position and I had to defend myself.

I was losing interest in this game until this mission, when I realized what I had been doing wrong. This is not a run and gun game. If you try that, you’re going to die. You need to be careful, quiet and tactical, scouting the area well before attempting any action. Most of my mistakes (and subsequent deaths) have come from not paying enough attention to what’s going on. Changing how I approach the game has increased my enjoyment of it tenfold.



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  1. So you dig on this but not on a modern military RPG? Is it because the action seems more vital in a computer game? More kinetic? Could you compare and contrast (serious request, not sarcasm), as I’m very interested in your take on this.

  2. accidentalrob permalink

    Will do! Hopefully I shall have an answer for you soon.

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