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Luke Meyer is no fool

August 21, 2008
Luke Meyer contemplates life

Luke Meyer contemplates life

Dr. Luke Meyer is no fool. I tried to pull the wool over his eyes today, but when a call came into his office from Gary Gygax, he picked up on my dastardaly plan nearly immediately. “That can’t be right,” Luke thought to himself. “I best get to the bottom of this mystery, much the same way as I got to the bottom of that bag of Cheetohs at lunch time!”

“Mister Gygax, are you calling from heaven?” Luke asked when he picked up the phone. I knew my cover had been blown. I nonchalantly pretended to be joking. Laughing, I responded.

“Hey Luke, it’s Rob calling. How’s it going?”

Damn it. I had been foiled again. Next time, Luke… next time.


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  1. Am I sensing a new man-crush? Mike Stackpole will be so upset. His leg, however, will not be.

  2. accidentalrob permalink

    Quiet, you.

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