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Family Time

June 23, 2008

My great kidsThis weekend was pretty good, considering the rainy weather we had to endure.

Friday night was game-night with friends (we played a successful and properly-ruled game of Arkham Horror!). It’s amazing how much easier the game is when you don’t have portals opening up on every person’s turn, only one per round. We didn’t finish the game, as it takes an enormous amount of time to play it through to the end, but we did have a good time.

On Saturday we had friends from London arrive around 10:30am (despite the promised 10:00am start time!) with their two kids, and we piled the families up into the cars and headed off to the City of Waterloo Open House. We had a fantastic time with the boys (their two, my one), who only seemed to enjoy running up and down the ramp of a Grand River Transit bus. My daughter slept most of the time we were there. Aside from the bus, the kids got to sit in a fire truck (which, I have to admit, was pretty cool for me, too) as well as various utility vehicles such as massive front-end loaders, mowers, snowplows, tractors and back-hoes. There were animals, a barbecue, balloons, face-painting and the chance to go 30′ up in a City cherry-picker.

The rain kept us in for the majority of the afternoon, but we ventured out to Funworx at Bingeman’s where Connor got to run around and burn off some energy in their massive three-story kid-safe jungle gym. Melodie actually climbed up on the upper level with him and took him down the big twisty slide. We had a great time.

Sunday was another “iffy” day, weather-wise. The morning was nice enough for Connor and I to play outside in the back yard for a while and to do some yard work together. Doing yard work with a 2-year old is an exercise in futility, and I ended up having to do more work that initially thought because of the “help” that he gave me. I didn’t care, however. We had a great time. After the storms rolled through we piled into the car again and went over to the K-W Multicultural Festival in Victoria Park and wandered around there for the hour between thunder storms. After that, we went home, had pizza and I gave Connor a bath and read a few books to him before settling him down for the night.

I was exhausted, tired and achey. but as I sat down on the couch after Connor was in bed for the night, I thought “This is what it’s all about.” Despite the frustrations, sleepless nights, tight budgets and loss of personal time, I wouldn’t change a thing. There’s nothing like spending time with my children and wife, like having those arms wrap around my legs and hearing a little voice say “Hi, Daddy!”, or having my 10lb little girl puke on my shoulder.

Well – maybe I would change the puking part.


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  1. Peirce permalink

    yard work with youngsters…been there, tried that…sigh… 🙂

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