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It’s Official – I’m an Idiot

May 27, 2008

After my rant about Arkham Horror the other day, I’m both embarassed and ashamed to post here that I totally screwed up the game rules, and that’s why the game seemed so impossible.

You don’t pick up a Mythos card after every player’s turn – you only pick one up at the end of a round. This makes a tonne more sense to me. My only defense (and Melodie can attest to this) is that the rules don’t make this very clear.

So, with egg on my face and all that, this is Rob, signing off.


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  1. Peirce permalink

    no comment

  2. It’s only now official? I thought it had been official for a while!

  3. accidentalrob permalink

    Please don’t make light of my mistakes. I’m very sensitive.

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